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Corra Linn Distillery

Corra Linn Distillery is situated on a rural property in Relbia overlooking the North Esk River, with a vista of Mt Barrow and Ben Lomond. Corra Linn distillery began operation in 2015 by entrepreneur John Wielstra from a keen interest in whisky production.
Corra Linn Distillery is a very sophisticated, versatile and efficient operation that produces highly refined distilled spirits from the finest Tasmanian ingredients. The state of the art distillation equipment caters for a full range of spirits. The new generation still is a combination pot-hybrid-column system that is automated using an electronic switchboard. A furnace has also been built on site to produce a smoked malted barley.
Barrels are sourced and refashioned by a local Tasmanian cooper. The barrels used, range in size (20, 50, 100, 200 and 300 litres) and are a combination of ex-port, sherry and pinot barrels using French oak staves that are treated to our own specifications. A variety of speciality single malt whisky will be produced, along with liqueurs, gin and vodka.
Note, the distillery may be viewed by appointment only. Cellar door sales are not available. Products will be sold through various retail stores and through an online store.


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93 Correa Drive Relbia North - Northeast, Tasmania Australia 7258