Land & Landscape. One of the most popular forms of art is landscape painting. However, landscape is more than what we see with our eyes. It is a way of understanding the land, our history and who we are.

The eleven postcards in this pack suggest different ways to look at landscape and the land it describes. The images connect us to particular places, particular times in history and particular times of day.

You are invited to travel the roads of the Midlands of Tasmania, taking the time to stop and notice what the land knows.

Land & Landscape can be purchased for $5.00 from:

  • Shene Estate, Pontville
  • Northern Midlands Council in Longford
  • Or download this ORDER FORM. Free delivery within Australia.

Land & Landscape is one of a set of three in the Heritage Stories Collection. Why not collect all three. They are a great souvenir, or gift for the history lovers in your life.

Others in the set include:

Voices from the Graves Longford Land and Landscape Stories from the Sandstone Oatlands