Autumn along the Heritage Highway is a magical time of year, as the quaint Georgian towns shimmy to life with the vibrant hues of the season. Wander the convict-built villages and marvel at the beauty of the changing colours. The whole region is spectacular, and it’s hard to choose our favourite places, but we’ve managed to pick seven spots to fall for autumn’s charms.

1. Ross

The 19th century stone village of Ross is particularly captivating in autumn, with the season’s colours creating a wonderful ambience as you stroll along the cobble-style paths. Walk down the main street to crunch the shedding leaves of the grand old elm trees. At Ross Bridge, enjoy the autumn colours mirrored back in the reflections of the river. Up on the hilltop near the gothic Ross Uniting Church, gaze out across the land and spot the dots of colour.

Image: @raindy_xiaoyu/Instagram

2. St Peter’s Pass

In autumn, the St Peter’s Pass rest area, near Oatlands, is one of the prettiest spots for a driver reviver. Say hello to the quirky topiary animals while you’re there, and see if you can spot the troop of soldiers keeping a watchful eye over Van Diemen’s Land (if they try to give you any trouble, tell them to leaf you alone)!

Image: @the.tasmanian/Instagram

3. Campbell Town

Campbell Town, on the banks of the Elizabeth River, is a great spot to visit in autumn. The historic Red Bridge is the perfect colour for the season, and the autumn reflections surrounding it are so beautiful. Visit the town’s lovely parks and crunch some leaves, and take in the historic buildings, such as The Church (c. 1857), framed by the autumn trees.

Image: @regor2013/Instagram

4. Longford

Autumn leaves make great hats for doggos! Visit Longford, in the Northern Midlands, and stroll along the South Esk River. Spend a day exploring the nearby Woolmers and Brickendon Estates, and be captivated by the autumn hues in the beautiful English-style gardens. Pateena Road, with its tunnel of trees, is magical (and very photo worthy) at this time of year.

Image: @hey_kitty_hey/Instagram

5. Kempton

The lovely little township of Kempton, in the Southern Midlands, comes alive with autumn colours every year. While you’re there, nip into the Old Kempton Distillery for something to warm the bones against the crisp autumn air. Wander towards St Mary’s Church of England (c. 1844) and marvel at the changing colours of the tree-lined driveway.

Image: @lindy_dale/Instagram

6. Evandale

Evandale, in the Northern Midlands, is a popular spot to visit all year round, but is particularly delightful in autumn. Explore the town’s shops and eateries, enjoying the bursts of gold, orange and red in the town’s trees and gardens as you stroll around. If you go on a Sunday, hit up the local market.

Image: @kathryn_grace_h/Instagram

7. Nile

Visit the elegant Clarendon House at nearby Nile and feel like you’ve been transported to the 19th century English countryside! Take a stroll around the gardens and admire the grand historic homestead framed by delicate golden leaves. Opening hours can be found on the National Trust website.

Image: @nationaltrusttas/Instagram

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Isabel Galloway