Voices from the Graves is a walking tour through the Christ Church graveyard at Longford, Tasmania, revealing rich, moving and significant themes of the colonial history of this area.

Gain a deeper understanding of this land and its people as you ‘hear’ the stories from people resting in this graveyard.

A booklet with details of the tour can be purchased for $5.00 from:

  • Northern Midlands Council in Longford
  • Longford Newsagency
  • Woolmers Estate Longford
  • Or download this ORDER FORM. Free delivery within Australia.

There is also a companion CD that can be purchased for $5.00. Hear the haunting stories of two of the characters from Voices from the Graves: Mary Anne Wise and Zimram Youram. Beautifully told with stunning music played on leather instruments.

Voices from the Graves is one of a set of three in the Heritage Stories Collection. Why not collect all three. They are a great souvenir, or gift for the history lovers in your life.

Others in the set include:

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